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Stelmet implements an integrated Information System SAP

Stelmet SA (Stelmet Group) - the biggest in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe manufacturer of the wooden garden architecture, signed the licence agreements for the use of software and entering of the integrated information system called SAP. The new project of Stelmet, will facilitate the management of the company by creating the possibility for constant control of the stocks use.

Both agreements had been signed with ICG - SAP Implements (ICON Consulting Group LLC) an official SAP partner - the world leader in the supply of business software for companies. The value of the investment, totals over 3 million PLN. This project will be implemented from June 2008, and its whole closing is scheduled at the end of the accounting year 2009/2010.

Thank the implementation of the SAP - System, the company will be able to manage the production and stocks of raw material and ready products more effectively. We rationalize also the flow of information and reporting, what is the most important thing, taking into account our debut on the Stock Exchange - said Krzysztof Nowosadko - V-ce President of Stelmet.

Stelmet plans to border with the SAP - System the Head Office of the company, the production branches ( Wooden Garden Architecture Production Plants in Jeleniów, Lubięcin, Kowary and Zielona Góra) and also the branch offices subordinated to the production plants.

The SAP - System will be implemented in the areas : Finance, Selling, Logistics, Production Planning and Repairing. The implementation includes also starting - up of the Data Warehouse. A couple of unique solutions for using of the timber, should be developed and realised. Stelmet purchased a licence rights for using the whole system by 120 professional users, and finally the company plans bordering even over 250 users with that system. For SAP Poland it is the biggest licence contract in the year 2008.

Additional information

Stelmet SA

The Stelmet Group Stelmet SA (Joint Stock Company) is the biggest in Poland, and one of the biggest in Europe manufacturer of the wooden garden architecture - it means products designed for fencing, equipping, and decoration of garden, parks, terraces and any other recreation areas. Our main production factories lie in Jeleniów, Zielona Góra, Lubięcin and Kowary. Caring for the quality of our final products, we held the whole manufacturing process in our hands starting from purchasing of the timber and ending with the packaging process.

The majority of our products (for example screen fences, grates, pergolas, flower-beds, platforms, and arbours), goes to the customers abroad of Poland. We strength our strong position on the European Union markets (for example in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Norway and Turkey). Even 80% of our production goes for Export.

Due to the fact of the constantly improving need for the products of the company, Stelmet realizes an intensive investment plan. Besides of increasing the production powers, Stelmet plans to extend its offer by wooden arbours. Using the access to the raw material, the company plan also to start on the beginning of the accounting year 2008/2009 (the accounting year starts on 1st July and finishes always on 30th June) the manufacturing of pellets - an ecologic fuel, used for heating of houses and other rooms. The production of that ecologic fuel, lets the company to use the by - products of wood processing (chips sawdust) most effectively and to start its activity on the new fast developing market. The investment plan has a overall value of about 450 million PLN.

Stelmet reaches more and more financial profits. In the accounting year 2007 (it finished on 30th June), the Stelmet Group reaches 221,7 million PLN profit (38% increase in comparison with the year 2005/2006), 54,9 million PLN on an EBITDA level (62% increase) and 34,3 PLN net profit (89% increase).

ICG SAP - Implements (ICON Consulting Group LLC)

The company with the head office in Poznań, specialises in the implementations of different ERP systems, such as SAP R/3 and developes own software products for SAP. The company possesses 10 years of experience collected by implementing of SAP - Systems in Poland and abroad. It employees over 90 professionals and certified consultants of SAP. The company cooperates closely with SAP Poland, Microinput, Symbol Technologies and with SEEBURGER, an German supplier of integration platform for SAP - System.


SAP is the world leading supplier of business solutions. Its software is used by over 46.000 customers in over 120 countries. In Poland the SAP solutions are used by ca 1100 companies and institutions. The SAP business solutions help the companies to intensify relations with customers, to optimize the cooperation with partners and to ensure the efficiency of supply chains and business activities.

This material, has only a promoting character and it is not an public offer for share purchasing. The issuing prospect of the company, together with an information about places in which it will be accessible, will be published after an official approval of the issuing prospect by the Finance Supervisory Commission.

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