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Recipients in over 25 countries

Most of Stelmet Group's products are sold outside the Polish borders. They find their way to customers in more than 25 countries, mainly to the leading European chains of DIY stores ("Do It Yourself") and specialized construction markets. In the fiscal 2014/2015, the sale to foreign markets accounted for over 85% of the Group's total revenue.

First choice distributor

The key markets for Stelmet Group include Great Britain, France and Germany, i.e. three largest markets of wooden garden architecture in Europe in terms of value. Stelmet has been present on the European market for over 25 years and it's able to implement large-scale orders, with broad geographical range, complicated assortment and short completion deadlines. As a result, Stelmet Group is the distributor of first choice for the largest retailers of wooden garden architecture in Europe.

Who’s our Customer?

We deliver products to the major markets of the European Union

We are the market leader in Poland and Europe. However, we do not intend to stop there. In 2017, we delivered the first batch of our goods to the United States of America.


25 countries in Europe and beyond

We deliver products to the major markets of the European Union

Stelmet is no. 1 in Poland and Europe

On the basis of available information and own assessment of competitors' capabilities, the Company's Management Board assesses that in terms of production volume in m3, Stelmet Group is the largest vertically integrated manufacturer and distributor of wooden garden architecture in Poland and Europe.

Participation on the foreign markets

According to the report of OC&C consulting firm, the estimated total value of the garden architecture products sold on 8 largest European markets (i.e. France, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands) amounts to nearly 3 billion EUR (according to the prices of manufacturers) per year. Out of this number, about 1,9 billion applies to the category of products that are included in Stelmet Group's offer. Moreover, this report indicates that on three largest markets of wooden garden architecture in Europe, i.e. Great Britain, France and Germany, the Group has 8-9%, 8-9% and 5-6% share, respectively.

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