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What do we do and what do we offer?

Stelmet Group is engaged in the production and distribution of the so-called wooden garden architecture. We manufacture goods made of pine and spruce wood, which include products of various types: fences, grids, boards, platforms, pergolas, flowerbeds, gazebos and tool sheds. These products are designed for fencing, furnishing and decoration of gardens, parks, terraces and all kinds of recreational spaces. Stelmet Group's assortment includes over 2600 designs of products. Our products are sold in over 25 countries, including the biggest EU markets - Great Britain, Germany and France, where the Stelmet Group has gained a strong position.


No. 1 in Poland and Europe

in terms of production volume in m3


Over 25 countries

in which Stelmet’s products are sold

Knowledge supported by experience

Over 30 years of tradition combined with innovative solutions

We combine experience with technological advantage and continuous pursuit of development. We are constantly gaining new markets and the number of satisfied users of Stelmet's garden architecture is increasing all over the world.

Over 30 years of tradition combined with innovative solutions

100% use of raw material

There's a by-product created in the process of wood treatment (woodchips, sawdust, shavings, edgings), which is used by Stelmet for the production of pellet or it's sold in the unprocessed form. This allows us to use precious wooden material in 100%.

Pellet – ecological fuel

Pellet is a type of environmentally friendly fuel, which is recognized as one of the most efficient sources of energy and it's used to generate heat energy in large installations, as well as by individual customers and for the production of energy in the commercial power industry. It complements the Stelmet Group's product offer, which allows diversifying revenues and maximizing margins. It is sold under four own brands (Lava, Olimp, Firemaxx and Ecospecial). Stelmet Group is the second largest manufacturer of pellets in Poland (according to the criterion of production capacity in the fiscal year 2014/2015) and a significant distributor of pellets on the European markets.

We care about our environment

We only use FSC® certified wood

At each stage of the production, we try to reduce any negative impact of our activity on the natural environment to the minimum. We use only wood that has the certificate of Forest Stewardship Council® - this means that the raw material comes from forest resources managed in accordance with the "Principles of Forest Stewardship".

We only use FSC<sup>®</sup> certified wood

Stelmet S.A.
ul. Gorzowska 20, 65-127 Zielona Góra, Poland
tel. +48 68 329 38 00, fax +48 68 329 38 07, e-mail stelmet@stelmet.com

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