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From the beginning of our business activity, we’ve been focused on the production of elements of the so-called "wooden garden architecture." Our offer includes products made of pine wood and spruce wood, which are designed for fencing, equipping and decoration of gardens, allotments, terraces, balconies, parks and all types of spaces of recreational nature.

Wide range of products

Wide range of products

Range of our products is organized according to the so-called "garden program", which allows our customers to buy individual elements, as well as completes sets. Our offer includes such products as: stakes, palisades, rollbots, platforms, terrace boards, fences, pergolas, flowerbeds, gazebos. It also includes products that use in their structure arcs made of glued laminated timber.

Wooden garden architecture

Garden Hall

Garden Hall products will be the decoration of any garden for many years. Cabins, fences and supplementary accessories are made of high quality wood. The last two additionally are subjected to oil impregnation, which is known as the best method for preservation and it makes the wood resistant to fungi, mould or insects.

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Garden Hall
Pellet, natural fuel

Polish Pellet

Pellet is a fuel made of biomass, which is used to heat houses and other spaces. Due to its energy properties and convenience for the user, it is one of the most effective sources of energy. It’s also an environmentally friendly fuel with very low carbon dioxide emission.

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Polish Pellet

Regular development of the offer

We put great emphasis on regular development of the offer by adding new products and using the latest technologies. We develop new solutions that correspond to the needs of the customers and the market demand. Our advantages mainly include quality and aesthetic value of the products. All elements manufactured in our factories are protected by the process of pressure impregnation or immersion impregnation. In addition to the protective function, this treatment is aimed at achieving decorative colouring effects.

Sophisticated designs

Sophisticated designs

An important element of our development strategy is the production and sale of products marked with our own brand - "Stelmet". On the European markets, the vast majority of elements of the wooden garden architecture is sold with trade brands of wholesale intermediaries or retail intermediaries. The products marked with “Stelmet” brand distinguish themselves compared to the entirety of assortment due to special design and type of wood out of which they are produced (spruce).

Catalogue of products  2017

Catalogue of products 2017

Stelmet S.A. is a manufacturer of elements of wooden garden architecture, which are designed for fencing, equipping and decoration of recreational areas. During development of their properties, allotments, squares, playgrounds and other green areas, our customers may choose from over 800 models of products, which are included in the current production. We encourage you to review our full offer, which was prepared for the most demanding consumers.

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