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Strengthening of our position

The strategic objective of Stelmet Group is to build value for shareholders by strengthening the position of the leading vertically integrated manufacturer and distributor of wooden garden architecture in Europe.

Increase in sales

The strategy of Stelmet Group assumes further growth in the sale of products, supported by new production capacity and implementation of synergy associated with the acquisition of Grange Fencing Ltd. (one of the two leaders on the market of wooden garden architecture in Great Britain), as well as further operational optimization within the Group.

Development and acquisitions

The strategy to strengthen the position in Europe includes both organic growth, as well as potential acquisitions of other entities.

Stelmet S.A.
ul. Gorzowska 20, 65-127 Zielona Góra, Poland
tel. +48 68 329 38 00, fax +48 68 329 38 07, e-mail stelmet@stelmet.com

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