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We have been combining the traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies for 30 years. We constantly verify the needs of consumers and thanks to that, we create innovative solutions, which are based on solid foundations.

Stelmet is a company with over 30 years of history. In 1985, Stanislaw Bieńkowski who's the founder and President of the Management Board of Stelmet S.A. launched the production of wooden elements of garden architecture. In the subsequent years, the company increased production, started exporting and became the leading manufacturer of wooden garden architecture in Poland and Europe. Our knowledge and experience give us a solid foundation for further development.

Get to know our history

1985 - 2019

Stelmet's development perfectly illustrated the groundbreaking moments in our history. From the start of production in 1985, through entering on foreign markets, to building a position of the leader in Europe.


Launching of plant in Grudziądz

Launch of the production plant called MrGarden in Grudziądz. Newly constructed halls occupy an area of 4,5 hectares, ensuring convenience and efficient operation, while the target nominal capacity amounts to 250 000 m3 of wooden garden architecture per year.


Takeover of Grange Fencing company in Great Britain

Grange Fencing is the second largest distributor of wooden garden architecture in Great Britain. The takeover of this company allowed to acquire new customers and to further expand participation on foreign markets.


Pellet plant in Zielona Góra

Commencement of pellet production (which is one of the most efficient energy sources) in a modern plant in Zielona Góra, next to a plant of wooden garden architecture.


New main plant in Zielona Góra

Launch of a plant in Zielona Góra, which remains the main plant of the Stelmet Group. After the construction of this plant, the production capacity of the Company has doubled (it has increased by approx. 144 000 m³ of finished product per year).


Plant in Lubięcin

Launch of a new production plant manufacturing wooden garden architecture. The plant manufactures elements of wooden garden architecture, but it also has a paint shop and a drying house.


Entering foreign markets

Launch of production in the plant in Jeleniów and commencement of the export of Stelmet’s products. From that time, the company has been dynamically developing and systematically gaining new foreign markets.


Beginnings of Stelmet’s business activity

In 1985, Stanislaw Bieńkowski who’s the founder and President of the Management Board of Stelmet S.A. launched the production of wooden elements of garden architecture. 

Knowledge supported by experience

Over 30 years of tradition combined with innovative solutions

We combine experience with technological advantage and continuous pursuit of development. We are constantly gaining new markets and the number of satisfied users of Stelmet's garden architecture is increasing all over the world.

Over 30 years of tradition combined with innovative solutions

Stelmet S.A.
ul. Gorzowska 20, 65-127 Zielona Góra, Poland
tel. +48 68 329 38 00, fax +48 68 329 38 07, e-mail stelmet@stelmet.com

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