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Stelmet Group will build a pellet production plant in Grudziądz

Value of this investment project is estimated at approx. 20 million PLN. The investment schedule assumes that the construction of the plant will be completed by the end of 2017 and its start-up will occur in the first quarter of 2018. The annual production capacity of the new plant will amount to more than 40 000 tons of pellet, which means that the combined capacity of the Stelmet Group will increase to approx. 150 000 tons of pellet per year. Currently, the Stelmet Group has a pellet production plant in Zielona Góra and it’s the vice-leader in the scope of production of this environmentally friendly fuel in Poland.

- The new plant in Grudziadz will constitute a great supplementation for the factory of wooden garden architecture. The by-products generated during its production, such as chips, sawdust, scobs or bark will be sold in some part, as we’ve done so far, but they will be also processed into pellets. This way, we will use 100% of the valuable raw material, which is wood. We believe that this new investment will allow to increase the revenues of the Group and maintain the position of one of the leading pellet manufacturers in Poland – informed the Management Board of Stelmet.

The Stelmet Group sells pellets under the following brands: Lava, Olimp, Firemaxx and Ecospecial. The Group is the second largest manufacturer of pellet in Poland and a significant distributor on European markets. Pellet supplements the offer of Stelmet Group's products and it allows to diversify its revenues and to maximize the margins.

In the fiscal year 2015/16, the revenues of the Stelmet Group from pellet sales amounted to 56,5 million PLN and represented approx. 10% of total revenues.

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